ニコ動発信、初音ミク -「メルト」の男性英語バージョン。


作詞・歌 : neko
作曲 : Ryo

When I woke up this morning
There something came up in my mind
Yes, it was you

I made up my mind
to change my hairstyle cause I want you to be impressed

I wear my favorite jacket and a silver skull ring
Then I get out of my room
Today, I am so different from yesterday

MELT! Oh, I'm gonna melt to think of you
However, I can never say that "I LOVE YOU"

Let me here say MELT! Oh ,
I can't even look into your eyes

I promise, I love you from the heart
I'm serious...
cause it is you who's holding my heart

so tightly

Weather seems to get worse I don't trust in forecast anymore
I'm caught in a downpour

It was okey to drop in
a store to get an umbrella

but I noticed her sigh

Then, suddenly, I say a word "I jump in, if you wish"
wish you didn't realise that I'm shy
Now I fall in love with you oh baby

MELT! Oh, I can't even keep breathing
I got a shock when I touched on your right hand

Hey, listen to my heartbeat!
I'm sharing an umbrella with you

I can touch on you if I want to
Oh Jesus...

I want you to know that I love you...

Oh please God stop time for me
or I'm about to cry

But it makes me feel so happy
that I'm gonna die!

MELT! Oh, It's time for us to depart now...
We'll meet again, but now is the end I never want to let you go

So MELT! Oh, God please tie us FOREVER!
Is it really the time to say good-bye?

I hold you and whisper my love for you
...I just think of it!
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